Abakon Property Valuations provide a comprehensive range of valuation related services for all types of property in South Africa and abroad.

  • Property valuations for all purposes, including:
    • Buying, selling, mortgage finance, investment, estate, tax, rating, annual financial statements and various other purposes.
  • Replacement cost assessments for insurance or other purposes.
  • Feasibility studies for property developments and related purposes.
  • Rental determinations and lease related services.
  • Expropriation valuations.
  • Arbitration on property valuation related matters.
  • Municipal rating valuations and assistance with valuation objections and appeals.
  • Monitoring of a client's property rates and related matters, such as the implementation of the local municipality's annual rates policy, supplementary valuations, etc. to ensure that clients are rated fairly and equitably
  • Acting on behalf of our clients on rates and tax related matters.
  • Consulting on property valuation related matters in all sectors of industry.

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Valuation Fees

Valuation fees are regulated by the South African Council for the Property Valuation Profession and promulgated in the Government Gazette. Fees are dependent on factors such as:

  • Reason for the valuation and format required.
  • Type of property and nature of the valuation.
  • Locality.
  • Time spent on the valuation.
  • Specific client requirements.
  • Travel.

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