New Challenges

Our website has gone live! This is another milestone since we established Abakon Property Valuations on 10 November 2011. Since then we had the opportunity to make renew old and make new acquaintances in the property and property valuation industries. And what a journey it has been: moving away from a cosy position into the cut-throat, adrenaline-pumping, ulcer-forming, but so satisfying arena of property valuations. What a great opportunity to meet with peers, discuss and share information and assist young candidate valuers who are trying so hard to succeed in this old-school environment. It has been an eye opener indeed.

We look forward to growing our business and to make meaningful contributions to the profession and its stakeholders. Many thanks to those who were there from the start of Abakon and who assisted to get us off the ground.

Here’s to a prosperous and successful 2013! Keep watching this space for some interesting and innovative valuation news.

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